OweYaa is a Social Enterprise
We set out to change the way the business world works with and hires Veterans
and revolutionize the way Veterans transition into the civilian job market.
Because, we Owe Yaa!

Barika Edwards
CEO, Co-Founder

Barika is the "Civilian" of the team. Bringing years of experience in business operations, marketing, and sales Barika leads the OweYaa team. Passionate about social enterprises and just a general do gooder. A 2016 Global Social Impact Fellow, at the Center for Social Impact Strategy at University of Pennsylvania. Holds a BA in Communications from University of Northwestern. Find her on Linkedin or send her a note here.

Marie Roker-Jones
VP of Engagement, Co-Founder

Marie is the "Military Spouse" on the team. Spouse to 5 time deployed service member Marie is extremely passionate about bringing people together. Highly involved in community building, life skills trianing, and is founder to multiple career and life related workshops. Graduate of Fordamn University with a BA in English and Literature. Masters in Health and Wellness from Chatham University. Find her on Linkedin or send her a note here.

Luke Jenkins
Director of Military Outreach, Co-Founder

Luke is the "Service Member" of the team. An Infantry officer in the U.S. Army, Luke helped to find OweYaa out of research he conducted while in school. He is very passionate about taking care of the community he is a part of. Former Division 1 hockey player and USMA graduate with a BS in Systems Design and Management & Cyber Security. Currently working on MA in Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins. Find him on Linkedin or send him a note here.

Terry Lee
Military Outreach Specialist

Terry is a recent USMA graduate with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Law. Terry is very new to the team and will be helping us build our military community. More to Follow.

What OweYaa Is

OweYaa is what you should expect from a 21st century recruiting and training agency. Taking the best practices in algorithmic matching we tailor military talent for companies looking to expand their team and business. The point of difference in the OweYaa process though, we we take the matching process one step further and match the candidate not to a company, but to a project. Through this project the company is able to remain productive while learning more about that candidate and helping him/her grow and develop their own skill sets. The limited scope internship or project based internship is the evolution in hiring that provides benefit to both the candidate and the employer, all the while keeping overhead relatively low compared to normal on boarding processes.

The Mission

We focus our efforts on the men, women, and familes that serve this nation. Our team, as part of that community understand the needs and the obstacles that can stand in a service members way when transitioning into a civilian career. Our mission is to create an environment that puts those men and women at the cutting edge of the jobs marketplace all the while providing an incredibly valuable hiring process for our great companies. Tailored Military talent for growing businesses it who and what we do.

How We Got Started

The OweYaa Mission all started from research conducted by Luke Jenkins while a cadet at USMA. Having applied systems engineering to the development of a veteran service program, the research yielded a gap that can only be solved from a proactive process like a limited scope internship. Companies need talent and need productivity. Service members need a way to show what they can do, instead of trying to explain it through their military experiences. Lying between the two problems is a limited internship that allows for showcasing abiltiies, growing, and mitigating risk when it comes to hiring a companies next employee. Once we nailed that down, our team, through mutal passions, managed to find each other and continue to grow the project from there. Oh, and where does the name OweYaa come from? Well the good midwestern saying "I Owe Ya One." Why? Because we all owe it to one another to build better companies and strong careers for those who have served this great nation.

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